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We are delighted to offer a range of distinct specialties to assist you, all custom-tailored to fit your individual needs and desires.

3D Printing

Have an amazing 3D file you’ve created? We’ll fire up our state-of-the-art 12K resin 3D printer to make it jump off the screen and into your hands. Alternately, feel free to browse our ever-growing shop of high-quality resin 3D-printed objects — perfect for showcasing at home, as gifts for your family and friends, or for cosplaying as your favorite character at your next Comic Con. And because we care deeply about the environment (we’re in the Emerald City region, after all), every single one of our prints are made using premium non-toxic, eco-friendly resins.

Digital Conversion

Looking to transfer and convert your collection of video and audio tapes, slides, film reels, or negatives? Using the newest adapters and software, we provide a seamless transition into the digital world to help you access and preserve your most precious memories in the highest quality possible.

Video & Sound Editing + VFX

Maybe it’s that short personal video that you want to shine when you share it amongst family and friends. Maybe you’re a budding filmmaker looking to bring your latest artistic vision to life for that film festival you’re pumped for. Or maybe your company needs to make that latest demo reel sizzle when you unveil it at your next trade show. Regardless of your needs, we utilize the latest professional creative software, harness wickedly powerful hardware, and draw upon our imaginative talent and personal expertise to make it all happen for you.

Enhancement & Restoration

One of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous 3 laws states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Making use of cutting edge AI-enhanced software tools performing at blistering speeds, we delight in delivering on that adage by offering up stunning, jaw-dropping image, video, and audio enhancement that has to be seen and heard to believe.

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Our friendly and client-oriented organization offers 3D Printing, Digital Conversion, Media Enhancement and Restoration, & Video/Sound Editing and VFX Services to help make all of your digital creative dreams come true.

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